A Year And Some Changes

I started this blog last year and surprisingly I’m still here. Most posts have been about sports but I was also able to sprinkle in some music, ongoing social issues, and some other miscellaneous things. I’ve been on a hiatus because of the birth of my daughter Aubri! She took her time getting here and when she finally arrived she did so quietly. Only a few whimpers and some popping of her mouth to signify that she was ready to eat. Sports-wise she’s already rolling. She’s already “watched” her first soccer match (yes Arsenal won) and quite a few NBA games. She slept through the Super Bowl  (can’t blame her for that). It’s been an amazing journey and one that I’ve been ecstatic to share with family and friends. My wife Amber has been great and I can’t thank her enough – her birthday is in March – so I know I’ll have some work to do. Our son KG who is 9 has been great too. I know it’s been a big change for him but he’s done an excellent job. He also had his best basketball game of the season last week. He finally decided to use the backboard on layups!! I’d also like to thank my family with a big shout out to my mother-in-law “Big Mama” who helped out a bunch. I’d like to thank the doctor and nurses that helped us on our big day. It was a long and funny day but things went well in the end. The neonatal nurse really hit home with me when she talked about how blessed it is to have a healthy baby (she has an 8 month old). There are so many families with infants/toddlers/children that spend countless hours in hospitals. It made me thankful that we didn’t have to face any major issues and I hope things continue to be positive.

As for the blog, I’ll start back with the posts since NBA, College Basketball, and Soccer are in full swing. There are also a bunch of things going on outside of sports that I’ll hit too. Until then enjoy some of my favorite posts from last year and thank you for reading.







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