Divide & Then What?

I wrote this 4 years ago. It’s sad that while the scenario is different, the message remains the same. America is a country that is set on dividing its people. Today in Mississippi, approximately 680 people were detained by ICE. As I said above, it’s sad. Families are being torn apart. Some kids returned to homes without their parents there to see them. All for what? To push a political agenda? To make America great again? It damn sure wasn’t to make anyone feel better. Funny thing is that my post from 4 years ago was about minimum wage and those seeking an increase. And today the people detained were -trying to work- at jobs no one else want. Only negative things were accomplished today. America wants to keep its terrible past of dividing, destroying and creating fear in colored people in tact. Oh and Mississippi wants to keep its place as the leader of such bigotry and disdain.

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