The City of Jackson vs LeBron James

I let the year of 2019 end without touching on one of the things that – 10 years later – still stings some people in the city of Jackson. LeBron James. LeBron not signing autographs or taking pics with them kids might be a Top 10 hilarious controversy in my life thus far. “What about the kids!?!?! Bronnnn!” For that I apologize but here I am to make up for it.

Picture it, Thee Jackson State University, summer 2009. A hot summer day that had been circled for some time was finally here. LeBron James will be at the AAC – Jackson State’s Lee E. Williams Athletic and Assembly Center – for a basketball camp provided by Jackson’s own Mo Williams. This was during Mo’s first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The buzz for this event was so wild and if you talk to the right person you will see that they’re still bitter.

There are hundreds and I do mean hundreds of stories about what happened that day. From Bron going to North Park (folks should’ve taken him to MetroCenter for some American Deli) and being bewildered by the lack of shoe selections to Bron getting ran out of Freelons. It is rumored that as soon as Bron stepped in the club a bottle was flung at his head. If that ain’t no Ju-shit then what is?

Let the record show that I wasn’t even living in Jackson at this time but my phone was blowing up with calls and texts. The whole thing is hilarious to me because I have a few people close to me that strongly dislike LeBron for this situation. It doesn’t take much for them to get riled up if Bron’s the topic. So where do we go from here? I’d like to see if we can’t patch things up. It’d mean a lot to me being that I’m a “Jacktown Ju” and  a longtime LeBron fan. I pushed hard (sent a lot silly tweets) for the city of Jackson to get the NBA All Star Game when Charlotte was denied the chance to host in 2017. I’ve called for there to be a truce to no avail as shown above. I’m not sure Bron helping the Lakers win a title will be enough. Who am I kidding? I know that won’t be enough. They’ll immediately start blabbering about Jordan and Kobe. Thus prolonging the feud with LeBron as you have to go back to your unhappy lives.

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