Fell From Top 10…

So today on Twitter, a list ranking the 50 greatest rappers of all time got folks into a tizzy. I’m still amazed that people still do rankings. You know what, I’m not amazed. Because every time a list comes out…it draws the reaction that the person(s) wanted. Folks will argue over the ranking of food restaurants. They’ll argue over the greatest TV show of all time. Pretty much anything that gets ranked will have someone upset. Fans get upset about Power Rankings for the NFL and NBA. It’s hilarious because they have no bearing on playoff seedings in either league.

I used to engage in such matters but I smartened up Nas. Lists started taking away from things I claimed to enjoy. Also, you -arguing with me- why “blank is better than blank” isn’t going to change my mind. As for this top 50 thing, I can’t even imagine how bored I’d get once I got to number 15. I’m getting upset thinking about it!

Well that’s all I have for today. Needed to get something on this here blog. I’m sure with the start of futbol season and football season we’ll see more lists and more arguing. Don’t fall for it folks. Just enjoy the seasons ahead. Oh and if you’re in Mississippi, go vote tomorrow.

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