Game of Fatigue

Today’s post is short and simple. I’m tired of Game of Thrones and so are the writers, actors, editors, HBO’s CGI budget, the cameramen and so on. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the show. Well Starbucks probably isn’t complaining. This last season of Game of Thrones can be summed up best by a line from Rapper Big Pooh’s verse/outro on Rollin Out by Little Brother. “Nigga, I’m tired nigga! I’m tired! Goddamn tired nigga! Shit!” We’re sitting in this 8th season and they’re – the writers and HBO – giving us these 80 minute shows and it’s all tiring. Ironically it feels a lot like testing time in high school when you had to sit in one classroom all day. There’s only so much UNO or spades playing and disposable camera picture taking a person can take. Oh yeah UNO, I saw your Draw 2 on a Draw 4 rules. Don’t come to my house with that mess unless my wife is playing. In that case I’m not playing because we can’t get along. Anyways back to Game of Thrones…I’ve griped many times that this show should’ve ended after season 6. If not 6 then definitely season 7. Mainly because they didn’t have the books to lead them along their way after whatever season that was. Also the best thing about the show is that they stayed killing off the main people and for the most part they did a great job. Then that stopped too. We got 2 shows left and I’m treating them the same way I treat Arsenal matches no expectations. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by Arsenal when I take this approach. Maybe Game of Thrones will be the same. Then again…

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