The Curious Case of KD & LBJ

Kevin Durant and LeBron James are not only two of the best players of this generation but ever in NBA history. Their relationship is a curious one. There’s no animosity between them that I know of. They’ve been on Team USA together. They’ve constantly been dubbed 1A and 1B when ranking current NBA players. They played against one another in a flag football game. They secretly recorded a rap song together. The cover pic for this blog shows the two during the 2011 NBA Lockout. For the most part, the two are peers when it comes to their time in the league. It also appears that KD looks up to Bron which is cool. There’s a catch though, KD has mastered every play LeBron has made and one upped him. That’s where things get curious.

Listen to how KD talks about Bron in the video below. On one hand I understand it. Bron’s accomplished so much on and off the court but these two are still opponents. When KD was trying to win a ring in OKC, Bron was there to stop him. When KD was steadily ascending in the NBA, Bron was still there to get in his way. One can only imagine how much this irked KD inside. So what did KD do? He took a page out Bron’s book and did him one better. KD took his talents to the Bay Area and joined Golden State. The team that was becoming a thorn in KD’s side and had already outdueled LeBron in the 2015 NBA Finals. The arguments about how the moves are the same or different is all a matter of semantics as the people like to say.


KD has flipped the script and in the last two NBA Finals he was the person in LeBron’s way. This could be KD’s chance to sway more fans with the Lakers nowhere close to making the Playoffs. He’ll still get compared to LeBron but things could be in his favor. With free agency on the horizon this summer could be KD’s chance to escape the shadows.




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