NBA Update

NBA Saturday Primetime on ABC schedule:

Date Game
Jan. 19 Oklahoma City Thunder at Philadelphia 76ers
Los Angeles Lakers at Houston Rockets
Jan. 26 Golden State Warriors at Boston Celtics
Feb. 2 Los Angeles Lakers at Golden State Warriors
Feb. 9 Oklahoma City Thunder at Houston Rockets
Feb. 23 Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors
Mar. 2 Golden State Warriors at Philadelphia 76ers
Mar. 9 Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Lakers
Mar. 16 Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder

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The 2018-2019 NBA Season has reached the midpoint for number of games played. The season to this point has been exciting and full of drama. We’ve had plenty stories of teammates fighting with each other. Players making their returns to face their former squads. Teams have been derailed by injuries while a few teams have fought through injuries to the surprise of many that follow the League. There have been numerous exciting individual performances. As of January 15th, we’ve had 11 games played where a player scored 50 points or more. James Harden shows up on the list 3 times. He’s dropped 57, 54, and 50. Kemba Walker tops the list with a 60 point performance. Klay Thompson scored 52 points in 27 minutes. Steph Curry scored 51 points in 32 minutes while shooting 15-24 (11-16 3-pointers). So far this season we’ve had 73 occurrences where a player has scored 40+ points in a game. Most teams in the league are playing an exciting brand of basketball which has made for some exciting games. Every team in the NBA is averaging 100+ points per game. The Memphis Grizzlies are the only team playing at a PACE slower than the 2005-2006 “7 seconds or less” Phoenix Suns. 3-point attempts are up. As expected, the Houston Rockets are averaging the most makes and takes per game. The San Antonio Spurs have the best 3-point shooting percentage while attempting the fewest 3-point shots each game.

This has been one of the most entertaining seasons I can remember. We’ve had a few surprises while everyone is focused on the big name players and teams. The Denver Nuggets were the best team in the Western Conference -record wise- before last night’s meeting with Golden State. The Warriors are still The Warriors and expect Boogie Cousins to make his debut soon. Denver’s Nikola Jokic has planted himself in the thick of the MVP race and Jamal Murray has shown improvement this season that has everyone excited. Harden is carrying the Rockets as you saw above and Paul George is looking like he’s shaken the rust off in OKC. Doc Rivers and Gregg Popovich are showing why they’re two of the best coaches in the League. We all continue to wait and see how things play out with LeBron and the Baby Lakers. The Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans have both been disappointing teams to this point as both sit outside of the top-8 in the West. On the surprising side, the Sacramento Kings have already exceeded all expectations. De’Aaron Fox has looked like a future star all season while teaming up with the sharp shooting Buddy Hield. Both players have improved their numbers from last season. Then there’s Rookie of the Year favorite Luka Doncic. I got a chance to watch him go shot for shot in-person against Anthony Davis in New Orleans. I’m definitely on the Luka Bandwagon.

In the Eastern Conference, it has been a battle between Toronto, Milwaukee and Indiana. Kawhi Leonard has meshed nicely in The North. The Raptors have gotten improved play from the youngsters OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam. In Milwaukee, it’s been the “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the way. New coach Mike Budenholzer has changed their style of play and the product on the floor has shown such. Indiana continues to plug forward with with Victor Oladipo. Myles Turner has missed some time with an injury but that hasn’t slowed the Pacers. Nate McMillan continues to do an excellent job in Indy. Philadelphia is still hanging around at the 4 spot wile the Celtics sit a disappointing 5th. Things aren’t clicking in Boston and there’s more talking than improving at the moment. One team improving is the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets are currently in the top-8 of the East and hope to continue going up. The Detroit Pistons and Washington Wizards continue to be disappointments. Both sit outside the top-8 in the Eastern Conference and Washington will be without John Wall as he went out with a season ending injury in December. Washington has played well since Wall went out so there could be an upside.

There are still a lot of games to be played and a lot of things to take shape. We should see it all start in the next few weeks with the trade deadline approaching. I hope these next few months of the 2018-2019 NBA season are just as fun as the first few.

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