In Line…

Nothing brings out the ire of people on and off social media like a line of people standing outside to buy something. Seriously, folks really get upset seeing others stand in line early in the morning to cop shoes. I know you all have seen “line up for shoes but can’t line up to vote” and “with that $200 I’d go on a trip”. There are others I left off but I’m sure you get my point. It’s December so that means that Jordan Brand had another release of “11s”. This year Jordan re-released a version of the Concord’s also known as the ones with the patent leather. I’ve been buying my own shoes for 20 years and I still don’t get folks getting upset over something so trivial. If it’s not on a personal level – Kodi out here buying them J’s but ain’t paid me – then you really need to let it go.

My only gripe was actually seeing pics of people standing in lines. There are so many ways to get shoes these days via the internet (thanks Al Gore) and the fact that so many shoes are sitting on shelves. As a lover of tennis shoes there’s no way I could knock people for standing in line. I’ve snatched up shoes while on vacations, driven over 1 hour to another city, ordered online, done raffles, bought shoes for other people and YES I’ve stood in line. I like making myself and those around me happy. Guess what makes us happy? New Shoes!! Walking out with a new pair of shoes before the “days of raffles” was a badge of honor. There’s also something to be said about failing to snatch a pair. That pain caused me to spend a few hours on the couch.

I agree one should have their priorities in order when it comes to making purchases. I also feel like folks need to stop being lames when it comes to people standing in lines for shoes. Oh an I have one more thing, due to Jordan Brand’s laziness with the releases…we’ll get to hear more complaints this time next year when the black and red patent leather ones release.


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