Christmas Songs

The Holiday Season is upon us so I decided to list a few of my favorite Christmas songs. Who doesn’t love a good Christmas Song? I saw a few people discussing the appropriate time to start playing Christmas music. I’d say it has to be after Thanksgiving. Can’t be out here bumping Christmas music and the fried turkey not ready yet! 

I’ll kick things off with Carla Thomas. Gee Whiz its Christmas is the classic “I’m single, you single, let’s link up” Christmas groove. At least I hope both parties are single. Carla invited buddy to her friend’s party and errythang! I love this song because of the jolly melody and overall theme. Who doesn’t like catching up at a good ole Christmas party?

The next song is another slow jam. The Emotions came through and asked “what do the lonely do at Christmas”? If you ask me, they should’ve linked up with Carla and went to that party. The song proceeds as a somber tune and that’s just no way to be.  They sing about all the stuff we look forward to while still sliding in some woe is me! The best part of the song is at the end when they repeatedly ask “What Do They Do?” It’s clear that this song is for those that have taken a dive into to the cognog. Either way it’s on my list.

Another song on my list is This Christmas by Donny Hathaway.  I want you to know that if you don’t like this song then you can catch a Christmas 2-piece and a biscuit from meeee. Donny floated all over this one. The horns, the drums, the bells, everything about this one is great. This song is all about having a good time. Once again I ask, “who doesn’t like a good time?”  Also don’t come at me playing the Chris Brown version of this song. That’ll also get you a Christmas 2-piece and a biscuit from meeee.

James Brown comes in with Santa Clause Go Straight to the Ghetto. I don’t know where to start with this one. James gave us a whole album of Funky Christmas songs. He was giving orders to Santa Clause! How gangsta is that? James even told him “Tell’em James Brown sent you”.

James Brown also has a version of Merry Christmas Baby that stands out. Otis Redding also has a version that is at the top of the list for many. I give a slight edge to the original version of the song by Charles Brown with the help of Lou Baxter and Johnny Moore. The song is a classic, a good one to play when the hectic days of the season are getting to you. It even ends with a bang when Charles Brown proclaims “Well, I haven’t had a drink this morning but I’m all lit up like a Christmas tree”. Charles also gave us the great Christmas song Please Come Home for Christmas. I’m sure you’ve heard that one covered by others.

I know y’all thinking I was about to end this thing with the Temptations. While I appreciate their Christmas tunes they’re not on my list. The Jackson’s come to mind too with their songs. Stevie Wonder’s Some Day At Christmas is another one that stands the time. Whatever your favorites are I hope you play them with great cheer this Holiday Season.

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