No Ceilings

It’s funny how my desire to write on this blog comes and goes. It’s also funny what motivates me to write. Today’s motivation came courtesy of Lil Wayne’s mixtape No Ceilings. Before today I hadn’t listened to this mixtape in a looong time. Not because it isn’t good but because that’s how it goes sometimes with me and music. This tape dropped October 31, 2009 and at the time I was still in New Orleans. So I was definitely feeling it. On top of that Wayne was flowing over some top songs from that year. Swag Surfin by FLY is still a song that is dear to – me – and many others. When the song drops on a college campus it brings everyone together. Wayne also flowed over Dorrough’s Ice Cream Paint Job and Gucci Mane’s Wasted to name a few other hits from 2009. Another song that Wayne flows over is Fabolous’ Throw It In The Bag which features The Dream. This song is funny to me because Lil Wayne went on to date two of The Dream’s exes. Wayne flowed over 3 Deep’s hood classic Watch My Shoes. Any song about not stepping on my shoes definitely holds a spot close to my heart.

Overall Wayne did an excellent job on this tape of not ruining the original version of these hit songs. This mixtape also shows how we need to appreciate Wayne (and any of your favorites) for all the music he’s given us. Sometimes we tend to forget to appreciate things as we become further removed. I mean Wayne flowed over the Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling and everything flows nicely. I’m not sure if this is Wayne’s best mixtape but it’s definitely one that I enjoy the most. Oh and this mixtape features 3 songs that Gucci Mane graced. Burrrr!

No Ceilings track list can be found here

P.S. Speaking of Burrr…R.I.P to the legendary actor Burt Reynolds.

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