Daily Prompt: Clumsy

via Daily Prompt: Clumsy

Been a few weeks since I wrote something and it’s too early for me to be talking the upcoming NBA season…so instead I’m doing one of the one word prompts from The Daily Post. Today’s word is “clumsy”. How often have you felt clumsy? If you’re like me that has probably been plenty of times. But surprisingly what I’ve found as I’ve gotten older is that I wasn’t being clumsy. Now I’m not talking about the times I’ve tripped over something or spilled food/drink because yeah that is clumsy. I am referring to those moments when I’ve had to get up and demonstrate something or talk in front of a group of people. A recent memory was a few years ago when I had to talk to a group of incoming college freshmen (Jackson State University). I was scheduled to talk to the group on a Friday. I’ve always been one to take full advantage of “Casual Friday”. That Friday was no different because there I was with a short sleeved button down shirt, jeans, and some j’s. I felt clumsy at first because my coworkers had on business casual attire. I didn’t let that feeling last too long though and when my time came to speak I did a good job (I think). It was especially rewarding because a few of the students were from my hometown and my former high school. It gave the kids a chance to see someone from the area they’re from in an attire familiar to them. I wouldn’t call that clumsy at all.



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