How I Became A Fan of…

With the new month here, I’m going to try and up the number of posts I’ve been doing. The month of August saw me provide a grand total of ONE. With football season gearing up I decided to announce the teams I root for and how/why I started rooting for them. Seeing how I got this idea from The Short Fuse (SB Nation site for all things Arsenal), I think it’s only right that I start with them.

How long have I been an Arsenal fan: 2013
How did I become an Arsenal fan: I love sports and after watching the 1994 World Cup I had a love for soccer. As a youngster in the 90s I had no clue of European Soccer Clubs. Then in 2008-2009, I found out about the UEFA Champions League and I was hooked. I got into watching the major European Leagues and my love for the sport grew even more. I couldn’t decide which team to root for but I always had a love of Arsenal. After years of mulling I chose the Gunners and haven’t looked back. I often joke that Arsenal’s coach Arsene Wenger looks like an older version of Michael Cera. Juno is one of my favorite movies but that’s not the point of this post. It often gets frustrating watching Arsenal play but I know they’ll turn the corner in the EPL and do more than just finish in the “Top 4”.


How long have I been a Jackson State fan: Forever
How did I become a Jackson State fan: I was born into this fandom. I generally root for the Tigers in most events. There are other posts that document this very well so I won’t go too in depth. I’ll just say watching JSU shock Louisiana-Lafayette in a 2014 NCAA Regional Baseball game was great. Still keeping hope alive that one of the basketball teams can do the same in March Madness.

How long have I been a New Orleans Pelicans fan: 2012
How did I become a New Orleans Pelicans fan: I was never a fan of a team, just a fan of players. So I’d often default to rooting for the teams they were on. In 2005, I attended my first NBA game and got to see my then favorite player LeBron James. The game just happened to be in New Orleans.   After I moved to New Orleans in 2007, I had the chance to attend a lot of games but I never took the Hornets as my team. After LeBron won his first title with the Miami Heat, I started feeling a little different. The times with LBJ had been fun but I felt a little different about the New Orleans Hornets. Especially after they drafted Anthony Davis – which was the first season I was a half season ticket holder – first overall in the 2012 draft. Going to multiple games made me feel like more of a fan, so I latched on to them. I was able to be a half season ticket holder again the next season. That along with the mascot being changed to the Pelicans really sold me. It was great seeing the run they made last season and I hope it continues to move forward. I think AD will have a big say in that.

How long have I been an Arizona Wildcats Basketball fan: 1995
How did I become an Arizona Wildcats Basketball fan: I used to watch a lot of PAC-10 basketball games late at night. The conference was loaded with talent. The O’Bannon brothers, Jason Kidd, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Lamond Murray, Brent Barry, Damon Stoudamire, Tracy Murray, Brevin Knight, Harold Miner and so on. And out of all those guys the thing that attracted me to Arizona was Jason Terry’s long white socks with “CATS” going down the side. I was also a fan of Lute Olson. During Lute’s tenure, Arizona won a National Championship and reached 4 Final Fours but they were also known for getting bounced early in the tournament. The Wildcats haven’t reached the Final Four since losing to Duke in the 2001 NCAA Championship Game.

The other teams I “root” for I can’t even say I seriously “root” for them. I claim the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL but I’m not moved much by them losing game. In MLB, I chose to “root” for the Philadelphia Phillies because I have friends that root for the Atlanta Braves but now that both teams sucks, there’s no point in that. I don’t have a “Big Time” college football team that I root for. I just love watching college football. There’s already enough stress dealing with JSU on Saturdays during the Fall.  I just miss Keith Jackson yelling out “Woah, Nellie!”

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